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DDD – New Tracks

Today I am sharing 3 new tracks

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, it’s been a while but I hope you like them. x


New website. The last one was too fussy. I’m working on some new recordings right now, aiming to share them soon.

Softly, Quite Softly, Quite Softly
AV & Album

I have a late notice show this Friday at the Substation in Margate. It’ll be more of an audio visual set than usual, similar to a couple of shows I did last year which the Arlington Electro-Harp was taken from.

Also I realise I should probably do a bit of a general update here…

So right now I’m still writing and recording. I know last update I did say to expect an album before Summer but this has changed, I realise now there’s no point in me setting even vague dates on these things as I always change my mind so much.

I saw an article this morning about another band calling it a day and mentioned moving on from music making. I felt compelled to say that I will never move on from making music. Sometimes though, maybe often, my music will not make it to other ears.

That’s kind of where I’m at now, and have been for some time. Currently I’m sat on around 40 half finished to near complete song recordings, and maybe another 30 which are less than half complete or just recorded segments/sketches. It might be an impressive number if I was confident about sharing it all but that’s just not the case at the moment. Clearly I need to change something though I’m not sure what that is yet. I really hope to have a record I can feel proud of at the end though and I hope some people are still interested when that happens. Thanks, Luke x

All A Blur – “All That Glitters” Score

I uploaded an interactive audio/visual I made for a couple of performances in March this year: Arlington Electro-Harp

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Live session for The 405, filmed in New York during recording for a 2nd album, in May 2011: full feature here.

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December 2011

As this year starts to close, I thought I should just let people know what I’m up to. Throughout this year I’ve been writing and recording for a second album, it’s quite a large number of songs actually and while I’m still deciding exactly what to do with them all, expect an album first half of 2012.

I’m aiming to post up some of the new tracks soon so keep an ear out. I’ve played the last show of this year but will start to rehearse new material and live set-ups, and book more shows in the new year.

If you missed them, I put out two releases this year, Paper Trumpets was a double single on 7″ & digital, also a film score album called All That Glitters, which is free to download. Right now I’m feeling pretty excited about making music in the year to come, thanks to anyone that’s listened already. x

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